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“I am sending you to the schools to teach, to educate children; instruct them, do it well; teach what is

required, do it with exactness; justice demands it. But don’t ever forget I send you to lead them to God.”

-- Saint Mary Joseph Rossello

From the earliest days of our Institute, beginning with Benedetta Rossello’s desire to care for the young “girls of the street,” education has been a primary mission of the Daughters of Our Lady of Mercy.  Today, our sisters serve the needs of students at the preschool, elementary/middle school, and high school levels.  Please see some highlights of our work below. 

St. Joan of Arc School

​Settled in the heart of Hershey, St Joan of Arc School has been forming hearts, informing minds, and transforming lives since 1927. The school has been under the dedicated direction of the Daughters of Our Lady of Mercy for over 90 years.

Saint Joan of Arc School educates children in Preschool for 3 year olds through 8th grade. Faith is at the foundation of this formative educational setting. The dedicated teachers and staff work daily to support each and every child on their journey toward education and a lifetime of learning.

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Our Lady of Mercy Academy

Our Lady of Mercy Academy empowers young women in grades 9-12 to lead a world of change and achieve their full potential -- as individuals, scholars, athletes, leaders, and in service to others.

Rooted in the Catholic faith and guided by the spirit of Saint Mary Joseph Rossello, our school community thrives on:

  • A sisterhood that celebrates our differences and the unique gifts God has given us

  • Pride, passion, and purpose in all we think, say, and do

  • A caring environment of unconditional acceptance, support, and achievement

Other Educational Resources



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