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Joining the RFO

How to Apply

​An applicant must:

  • Attend a prior period of formation/orientation given by a Daughter of Mercy

  • Keep in contact with a community of the Daughters of Mercy in order to learn more about and develop a greater appreciation for the Religious Family

  • Meet with the Mother Provincial or with her delegate to get to know each other

  • Present a written request to the Mother Provincial expressing your desire to be part of the
    Rossellian Family

Praying Together



Becoming a Full Member

Full membership is established when an applicant:

  • Discovers the gift of the Charism as a vocation in and for mercy

  • Commits to formation for personal growth and for the good of the Religious Family

  • Performs the Works of Mercy in his or her own situation and in the mission of the Religious Community whenever possible.


The formation process includes:

  • Discovery of the meaning of Baptism as a common call

  • Baptism lived as a sign of communion

  • Discovery of God’s Mercy in one’s own life

  • Knowledge of Mother Rossello — traits and profile of her human and Christian-religious personality

  • Knowledge of Rossellian spirituality — Christology, Ecclesiology, Eschatology, and Mariology

  • Knowledge and deepening of the charism of Mercy

  • Knowledge of the distinctive characteristics of Rossllian ministry

  • Attendance at periodic meetings

  • Personal guidance

  • Days of spirituality/retreats


During the formation stage, group coordinators will endeavor to foster a member’s personal journey through:

  • The Word of God

  • The words of Mother Rossello

  • The words of Pope Francis

Image by James Coleman
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